Separate your personal and business calls

Turn your mobile into a business phone.

With the Go Giraffe app you can

  • Separate personal and business calls.
  • Add a landline to your mobile.
  • Transfer & divert calls
  • Set up incoming call menus
  • Regain control of your phone

From only £7.95 per month.

Upgrade your mobiles today. Go Giraffe.

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Transparent and jargon free

Why are we different?

We are totally transparent.

If a telecoms website just says Call Us! it means you are going to be on the end of a hard sales pitch – and probably a big bill.

Unlike other telecoms companies, we are 100% transparent with our pricing. And you can even order your telecoms direct from our site.

It’s why we stand out from the crowd.
The Go Giraffe app starts at £7.95 per person

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Telecoms on the hoof

Who should go Giraffe?

Go Giraffe is here for small and micro businesses who rely on their mobiles phones to stay connected. It is perfect for plumbers, electricians, builders, web designers, independent retailers, or any business with 1-10 employees.

When a company gets larger, a telecoms solution can get a bit more complicated. If you are a medium or large company, our sister company Rubix VT can cater for your bespoke needs.

Go Giraffe is here to ensure that small businesses can also benefit from the power of modern telephony.

Why should larger companies reap all the benefits?

Stand Tall

Perception is everything!

We all want to present ourselves in our best light and sometimes it’s nice to appear, well, slightly bigger than we really are.

If your business has an 07 number on your website, it can look a bit one-man-band.

With our app, you can choose your number, whether it’s central London or a non-geographic 03 number.

Balance work and life

Take a break

Giraffes stand up almost all the time and they rarely sleep. Humans aren’t giraffes. We can’t always be on the go.

If your mobile is being used for work and your personal life, then you will never switch off.

A Go Giraffe app separates work and personal calls: one number for friends and family, one number for business calls.

Be human – not a giraffe!

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