About Us

We set up Go Giraffe because small businesses have been neglected by telecoms providers for too long.

Advances in comms technologies mean that you can have a fully operating telecoms system – on a mobile or desktop app.

This means business telecoms is open to everyone.

Go Giraffe is here to shake things up.

We are launching a telecoms revolution.

We believe in value, affordability and flexibility.

Welcome to business telecoms from just £7.95 per month – with no contract!

What is telecoms anyway?

Telecoms is simply the experience someone has when they call your company. Does the caller receive an excellent service – or are they just left to leave a voice message?

Mobiles have surprisingly limited phone options. If someone calls, you can either answer it or just leave the caller to record a message. There is so much more you can do to improve the customer experience. And that is where a telecoms app comes in.

You can

  • Have two (or more) phones on your mobile
  • Direct callers to the right person
  • Separate work and personal calls
  • Divert calls to a colleague if you are out of the office
  • Transfer calls on the move
  • Receive email transcriptions of voice messages.

How can telecoms cost so little?

The business telecoms industry has been through a revolution in recent years – but small businesses have yet to reap the rewards.

It is not too long ago that a business telecoms system would require a rack of cables and expensive servers.

Now telecoms is in the cloud, and everything a small business needs can be found on a mobile app.

The revolution means that everyone can access business telecoms – it is a new phone democracy.

All you need is a Go Giraffe app!

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