Boost in business phone users

July 2023

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More and people are using their phones for business.

Reports of the death of the phone have been greatly exaggerated – is exactly what Mark Twain might have said if he was alive today (and working in telecoms).

In fact, more and more people are using their phones for both business and in their personal lives.

Who says so? The people at Hiya, a global business which protects people from spam and fraud calls. And they haven’t just made it up. Every year they produce a report called ‘The State of the Call’ – and in doing so they analyse 243 billion calls and survey over 2,000 people. It’s a wonder they have time to do any work.

The outcome of their obsessive data gathering is clear. They conclude: “Voice is still the go-to choice for consumers’ most important communications… It’s also the top communications method for professionals because it’s crucial to their businesses.”

They continue:

“Virtually everyone who relies on the phone is using it more than ever. People have more ways to communicate than ever – from “old” channels like email, text, and social media to a slew of emerging messaging and chat apps, video services, gaming platforms, and more.

Yet no matter how diverse our communications options become, the phone call remains the undisputed leader.”

The stats are overwhelming:

In the last year

  • 50% of businesses say they have increased their phone usage
  • 44% of consumers have used their phone more (only 16% have used their phones less)


In the 12 months

  • 42% of business professional expect to use the phone more (11% predict less use)
  • 35% of consumers will increase their phone usage ((13% will decrease usage)

In virtually every sector, people prefer to interact with a voice call than by email or text. In most cases, more people choose voice calls than email and text combined.

Hiya reports that, for example: “47% of consumers prefer phone calls when interacting with healthcare providers; email is a distant second place at 16%. Options such as text messaging (6%) and live chat (5%) are certainly used – but nowhere near as much as the phone.”

The conclusion is simple – people still want to use the phone when communicating with a business. If you do not give customers or suppliers the option of voice calls, their level of satisfaction with your service will be reduced.

There has been a reluctance among many small businesses to embrace telecoms. It’s no surprise. Telecoms businesses tend to complicate matters and the industry suffers from a lack of pricing transparency.

People want to use their phones – and Go Giraffe is here to help small businesses provide a responsive telecoms service.

It’s time to go Giraffe.

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To read Hiya’s report, click on the link: The State of the Call 2023